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Why do we have a Privacy Policy?
  1. This privacy policy applies between you, the users of this website and Clements Grey Ltd, the owner and provider of this website. Clements grey Ltd takes the privacy of your information very seriously. This Privacy policy applies to our use of any and all data collected by us or provided by you in relation to your use of the Website. Please read this privacy policy carefully
What sort of Data do we obtain?
  • Clements Grey obtains personal data about you to help in our recruitment process and for administrative purposes. This Data consists of information including your name, address, e-mail address, work and education history, references, plus details of your eligibility to work in the UK.

  • Force24
  • Our organisation utilises Force24’s marketing automation platform. Force24 cookies are first party cookies and are enabled at the point of cookie acceptance on this website. The cookies are named below:



    They allow us to understand our audience engagement thus allowing better optimisation of marketing activity.


    f24_autoId – This is a temporary identifier on a local machine or phone browser that helps us track anonymous information to be later married up with f24_personid. If this is left anonymous it will be deleted after 6 months . Non-essential, first party, 10 years, persistent.


    f24_personId – This is an ID generated per individual contact in the Force24 system to be able to track behaviour and form submissions into the Force24 system from outside sources per user. This is used for personalisation and ability to segment decisions for further communications. Non-essential, first party, 10 years, persistent.

    The information stored by Force24 cookies remains anonymous until:

    – Our website is visited via clicking from an email or SMS message, sent via the Force24 platform and cookies are accepted on the website.

    – A user of the website completes a form containing email address from either our website or our Force24 landing pages.

    The Force24 cookies will remain on a device for 10 years unless they are deleted.

    Other Tracking

    We also use similar technologies including tracking pixels and link tracking to monitor your viewing activities

    Device & browser type and open statistics
    All emails have a tracking pixel ( a tiny invisible image ) with a query string in the URL. Within the URL we have user details to identify who opened an email for statistical purposes.

    Link Tracking
    All links within emails and SMS messages sent from the Force24 platform contain a unique tracking reference, this reference help us identify who clicked an email for statistical purposes.


Why do we process this personal data?
  1. We process this Personal Data as necessary to aid the Recruitment Process. We provide our services to you and to market our services to you as well as advise you of news and industry updates, events, promotions and competitions (where we do use your information to market further products and services to you, you will be able to unsubscribe from such communications by emailing hello@www.clementsgrey.com.

We may use aggregate data to obtain knowledge on our candidates as a group so that we can prepare market reports in which helps us to provide you with a better service.


Do we pass data to third parties?
  1. We may pass Personal Data to Third Parties that help us to process Personal Data, to prospective or intended employers (or third parties assisting them in the recruitment process) or customers for the purpose of recruitment. We may also pass Aggregate Data to social media providers like Facebook or carefully selected Third Parties to help us deliver content which is targeted to your preferences..
How is this data safeguarded?
  1. Securing your data in the best possible way is our aim here at Clements Grey Ltd and is very important to us. Access to your personal data is only permitted by consultants and third party CRM database in which help us process data and guide us through the recruitment process.
How do we inform Clients and Candidates that our policies have changed?
  1. Any changes to Clements Grey Ltd policy, either due to business purposes or for any future regulation changes will be posted on our social media and on our website (clementsgrey.com)
How do you remove yourself from our database?  
  1. Candidates and clients can contact us via email hello@www.clementsgrey.com to request to be removed from our database at any time. Clements Grey Ltd will then provide confirmation and evidence within 48 hours.
How do we unsubscribe from future mailing and vacancies?
  1. All customers can email us at hello@www.clementsgrey.com to request to OPT OUT of marketing updates and vacancy updates. Clements Grey Ltd will then provide confirmation and evidence that this has happened within 48 hours of the request.


Collectively all information that you submit to Clements grey Ltd via the website. This definition incorporates, where applicable, the definitions provided in the Data Protection 1998;


Clements grey Ltd or Us  


Clements grey Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 8299162 whose registered office is at Eleven Brindley Place, 2 Brunswick square, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 2LP.


User or you  


Any third party that accesses the Website and is not either (i) employed by Clements Grey Ltd and acting in the course of their employment or (ii) engaged as a consultant or otherwise providing a service  to Clements Grey Ltd and accessing the website in connection




The website that you are currently using, http:// https://www.clementsgrey.com/, and any sub domains of this site unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions


Aggregate Data  


This is when all data is collected and processed as a total to enable us to look at such information as demographic and geographic trends, so that we can try to produce a better service in the future. This data is not personally identifiable data.


Personal data  


Data which relates to an individual who can be identified from those data, or from those data and other information which is in the possession of, or is likely to come into the possession of Clements Grey Ltd.